Oxy Acetylene/Propane Heating Neck/Nozzle

Oxy Acetylene/Propane Heating Neck/Nozzle

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  • Section Text Fits LIGHTWEIGHT Oxy Acetylene/Propane/Propylene Torch
    6 Jet Pepperpot Nozzle
    UK Designed & Engineered for Industry
    Thread Diameter is 6.2mm
Heating Neck and Pepperpot Nozzle suitable for LIGHTWEIGHT type Torch.

IMPORTANT - Thead diameter is 6.2mm (not a metric thread), this is standard for UK spec LIGHTWEIGHT Torches.
Will NOT fit a Heavy Duty Type 3, Type 4 or Type 5 Torch! Please check, or contact us if you're not sure.

Use with Oxy Acetylene, Oxy Propane or Oxy Propylene

6 jets offer a significant amount of heat.

Ideal for the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industries.

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