312 x 2.5mm Dissimilar Rods

312 x 2.5mm Dissimilar Steel Stick Welding Rods

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Easy Striking and Smooth Running Dissimilar Steels Arc Welding Rods, 2.5mm diameter.

312L Grade (also known as 29/9) for welding different steels to each other. For example, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel can all be welded to each other using this rod. Not suitable for Stainless Steel that food comes into contact with, Manganese Steels or Cast Iron.

Supplied in a 1Kg pack of approx 52 rods.

Ideal for Professional Welders, Maintenance Depts, Agricultural & Home Workshops.

Conforms to:
AWS A5.4: E312L-16
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