Co2 Gas Cylinder (Max Capacity)

Co2 Gas Bottle

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These Max Capacity disposable Co2 cylinders are the same diameter as regular cylinders but are taller and so contain significantly more Co2 gas.

Regular cylinders are around 310mm Tall and contain either 390g or 600g of Co2 gas.

Our Max Capacity Cylinders are around 450mm Tall and contain 850g of Co2 gas, this represents significantly better value for money!

IMPORTANTLY, because these cylinders are the Same Diameter as Standard Disposable Cylinders, they will fit onto the back of DIY welders that have a bracket for disposable cylinders.

Thread for Regulator is standard 10mm

BUY 2 get a 3rd HALF PRICE!!
Co2 cylinders can be bought with Argon/Co2 mix and Pure Argon to qualify for discount

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