Heavy Duty Oxygen + Propane/Propylene Gas Gun

Heavy Duty Oxygen + Propane/Propylene Gas Gun
Heavy Duty Oxygen + Propane/Propylene Gas Gun
Heavy Duty Oxygen + Propane/Propylene Gas Gun
Heavy Duty Oxy Propane Gun

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  • Propane Cutting Attachment & Nozzle Upgrade £30.00
  • Super Heating Neck/Nozzle Assembly £52.00
Part No: GHD01P
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This variant of our Professional Heavy Duty Gas Gun utilises our Superb New Multi-Jet Nozzles to be able to run with a mix of Oxygen & Propane or Propylene. The Multi-Jet Nozzles provide a central cone flame for heat focus, plus a ring of smaller cones to provide additional heat volume.

Oxygen + Propane or Propylene is not suitable for welding, however, with the Multi-Jet Nozzles, Heating, Brazing & Silver Soldering are no problem (see video for demonstration).

An optional Cutting Attachment & Nozzle upgrade is available for Cutting up to around 25mm thick steel. Also available as an option is a Super Heating Attachment with two Nozzles. In addition to the standard Multi-Jet set up, these options make this what is probably the most versatile Oxygen + Propane or Propylene Torch currently available on the UK market.

Using Propane or Propylene as a fuel gas offers a considerable cost saving over Acetylene as the gas is less expensive and there is no ongoing cylinder rental to pay.

Torch with Multi-Jet Nozzle is approx 380mm (15") long and weighs around 595g.
Torch is supplied with Nos 3, 5 & 7 Multi-Jet Nozzles.
Hose Fittings are 3/8"BSP - Oxygen Fitting is a Right Hand Thread, Propane Fitting is a Left Hand Thread.
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Q - Would this torch work for melting small amounts of silver in a crucible for jewellery casting?
A - Thanks for the Question Michael. The Flame Temp is around 1800C and Silver melts at around 962C, so YES, the torch would be suitable for melting "small amounts of Silver in a Crucible". Kind regards Graham

Q - What pressures should be set for the propane and oxygen bottles?
A - Thanks for the Question Robert. Pressure for both gases should be 0.3 - 0.4 bar.

Q - How will it perform using MAPP gas?
A - Extremely well, we use the Multijet nozzles with our own Oxy/MAPP kits.