Lightweight Oxygen + Propane/Propylene Gas Gun

Lightweight Oxygen + Propane/Propylene Gas Gun
Lightweight Oxy Propane Gun

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This variant of our Professional Lightweight Gas Gun utilises our Superb New Multi-Jet Nozzles to be able to run with a mix of Oxygen & Propane or Propylene. The Multi-Jet Nozzles provide a central cone flame for heat focus, plus a ring of smaller cones to provide additional heat volume.

Oxygen + Propane or Propylene is not suitable for welding, however, with the Multi-Jet Nozzles, Heating, Brazing & Silver Soldering are no problem (see video for demonstration)

Using Propane or Propylene as a fuel gas offers a considerable cost saving over Acetylene as the gas is less expensive and there is no ongoing cylinder rental to pay.

Torch with Multi-Jet Nozzle is approx 320mm (12½") long and weighs around 365g.
Torch is supplied with Nos 3, 5 & 7 Multi-Jet Nozzles.
Hose Fittings are 1/4"BSP - Oxygen Fitting is a Right Hand Thread, Propane Fitting is a Left Hand Thread.
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