Lightweight Gas Cutting Attachment

Lightweight Gas Cutting Attachment

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Cutting Attachment fits onto your existing Lightweight Gas Gun Shank to allow gas cutting of Steel from around 1mm to around 25mm depending on the size of nozzle selected.

Use with Oxygen + Acetylene.

To determine which type of Torch Shank you have, check the size of the nuts on your Hoses, if the nuts are the same size at both ends of the hoses, you are most likely to have a Heavy Duty Shank, if the nut at the Torch end of the Hoses is smaller, you are most likely to have a Light Duty Torch Shank.
Please note that there are two different Shank to Attachment threads on the market (our Torch and Attachments use the most common). Unfortunately, the difference between these threads is subtle and almost impossible to check, therefore, unless you purchased your Lightweight/Light Duty Shank from The Welders Warehouse it is not possible to be 100% our attachment will fit your Shank. If it does not, provided you let us know within 14 Days of receipt and keep it in "As New" condition, you will be able to return it for a refund.
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