Autospot M20T Spot Welder

Spot Welder M20T

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Manufactured by Telwin of Italy (, this Hand Held Spot Welder represents outstanding quality and value for the Home Workshop. Capable of Spot Welding up to 2 x 1.2mm sheets at a rate of 3 spots per minute (180 per hour), this spot welder is ideal for car restoration projects. Features include an electronically adjustable Spot Weld Timer and adjustable Tip Pressure, a combination that ensures repeatable weld quality.

Featured in "Mini Magazine" who commented:
"Although the claimed thickness that this unit will weld is only two sheets of 1mm thick steel, this spot welder welded together two sheets of 1.5mm thick steel. A quick hammer and chisel test afterwards showed it to be neat and with good penetration, resulting in a strong join".

Requires a 240v 16A Supply.
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