Magnify Lens for Welding Helmet

Magnify Lens for Welding Helmet
Magnify Lens for Welding Helmet
Magnifying Lens for Welding Helmet

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This Magnify Lens is for fitting into your Welding Helmet and acts like a pair of reading glasses. Everything is bought closer and into sharper focus. Ideal for anyone who normally uses reading glasses, but is also really useful for anyone doing very fine welding work!

The Magnify Lens can be made to fit most makes Auto Welding Helmets, but you should check your helmet can accomodate the size before you order. If you have one of our later Speedshield V Auto Welding Helmets it will have a special slot for the Magnify Lens on the frame that secures the Electronic Filter in the back (click on the thumbnail image to the left of the main picture above to see more). This Frame is not included with the Magnify Lens.

Size = 108mm x 51mm x 4mm thick (4 1/4" x 2" x 5/32" thick)

Magnification = 1.50 Diopter
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