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Mini Gas Welding Kit

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This Gas Heating and Brazing Kit a great alternative to Oxy/Acetylene equipment and is aimed at the DIY user wishing to heat and braze small components and/or sheet metal.
Disposable cylinders of Oxygen and Fuel Gas means there is no need to hire industrial cylinders.
For Safety, the Oxygen Regulator and Gasex Valve have built in Flash Arrestors.

The Kit is compact, easy to operate and produces a flame temperature of around 3150°C. Suitable for Heating, Brazing & Silver Soldering. Ideal for Model Engineering for example.

Kit Comprises:

> 1 litre x 110bar Oxygen Cylinder
> 450g Gasex Gas Canister
> Oxygen Regulator
> Fuel Gas Regulator
> Transportable Mounting Frame
> Twin Hose Set
> Welding Torch with 2 Nozzles
> Safety Goggles

Our Gas Brazing Wire & Flux Range can be viewed here!
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Are there a range of nozzles for this welder? and what sizes please Tony Burgess
Thanks for the question Tony. I regret there are no other Nozzles available as there is a limit to the amount of gas and therefore flame size, that disposable cylinders can deliver.