Cros-Arc 200 DMF Multi Process Welder

Cros-Arc 200 DMF Multi Process Welder

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  • Argon/Co2 Regulator £32.00
  • 5.0Kg Midi Spool of 0.6mm Welding Wire £19.50
  • 5.0Kg Midi Spool of 0.8mm Welding Wire £19.50
  • Welder Cart £60.00
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This superb 110v/230v Multi Process machine is perfect for maintenance departments, small engineering works and site work.

IMPORTANT - Please do not confuse the 200 DMF with the cheaper Cros-Arc Mig 201 MF. The 200 DMF has a superior Lift Tig function and 110v/230v Input. The Welders Warehouse has chosen not to offer the 201 MF.

Processes offered are:

> Mig Welding
> DC Lift Tig Welding
> MMA (arc) welding

The smooth Mig Welding output is a joy to use and with an ultra low minimum output of just 10amps, thin metal is no problem.

Swapping to Lift Tig (torch supplied), is easy and the DC Tig process can be used to weld most metals except Aluminium alloys.

Swapping to MMA (arc welding lead supplied), is also straightforward. The machine is really easy to stick weld with as it produces a super smooth DC arc and has Hot Start & Anti-Stick functions built in.

If you do a variety of work, often under time pressure, and need a portable, versatile machine that's easy to use, The Cros-Arc 200 DMF Multi Process is a GREAT choice! Although the Arc Welder will tolerate input voltage fluctuations of up to 15%, The Welders Warehouse does not recommend this unit be used off a generator except where the generator is fitted with a voltage regulation device.

Supplied Complete With:

> 3M Euro Fit Torch
> Lift Tig Torch
> MMA (arc) Welding Lead
> Work Return (Earth) Lead
> 2 Year Machine Warranty
> FREE After Sales Support from our Technical Team.

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Input = 110v/230v (+/- 15%) 1phase
Fuse = T16 (230v input)
Fuse = T32 (110v input)
Output = 10-200amps (230v input)
Output = 10-140amps (110v input)
Duty Cycle = 35% @ 200amps @ 40°C (230v input)
Duty Cycle = 25% @ 200amps @ 40°C (110v input)
Protection Class = IP23S
Length = 38cm
Width = 17.5cm
Height = 40cm (inc Handle)
Weight = 14Kg
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Q - Does the set have any adjustable tig welding parameters like pulse, up-slope, down-slope, etc or is it just a basic tig set?
A - Thanks for the question David. It is a basic Tig, but Power and Gas are On/Off from the torch trigger, so not permanent live. Arc ignition is by "Lift Tig" which is a lot better than scratch start.