Portapack HD Oxy Acetylene Gas Kit (Standard)

Portapack HD Oxy Acetylene Gas Kit (Standard)
Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Kit (Heavy Duty)

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  • Cutting Attachment & Nozzle Upgrade £30.00
  • Upgrade to 10M Hose Set £12.00
Part No: GK06
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Top Quality Kit for Portable Gas Welding. Ideal for industrial or home use. Slightly heavier and more rugged than the Lightweight Torch and with a greater range of add on accessories.

Comprises: Portapack Trolley, Oxygen & Acetylene Regulators + Flash Arrestors, 5M Hose Set with Check Valves, Industrial Heavy Duty Shank & Mixer, 4 Welding Nozzles (Nos 1, 3, 5 & 7) and a pair of Goggles. Does not include Gas Cylinders.

For Gas Cutting, add a Cutting Attachment & Nozzle Upgrade.

Trolley accepts BOC Cylinder Sizes:
Oxygen E + F
Acetylene K + M

Our Gas Welding & Brazing Wire Range can be viewed here!
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