Portapack LD Oxy Acetylene Gas Kit (Standard)

Portapack LD Oxy Acetylene Gas Kit (Standard)
Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding Kit

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  • Cutting Attachment & Nozzle Upgrade £30.00
  • Upgrade to 10M Hose Set £12.00
Part No: GK05
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Top Quality Kit for Portable Gas Welding & Brazing. Ideal for light duty industrial or home use. This torch is physically smaller and lighter than the Heavy Duty Unit and so offers greater dexterity on light work.

Portapack Trolley, Oxygen & Acetylene Regulators + Flash Arrestors, 5M Hose Set with Check Valves, Light Duty Shank & Mixer, 4 Welding Nozzles (Nos 1, 3, 5 & 7) and a pair of Goggles. Does not include Gas Cylinders.

Trolley accepts BOC Cylinder Sizes:
Oxygen E + F
Acetylene K + M

Our Gas Welding & Brazing Wire Range can be viewed here!
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