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All our Safety products meet current European Safety Standards, are CE marked and have been selected by quality and safe design.

Welding Safety Products

Welding is an inherently dangerous thing to do, so it's extremely important to protect yourself from the dangers. Some of these dangers are pretty obvious! Sparks, spatter, hot metal both during and after welding all present a burning risk. Less obvious, but also dangerous, is the risk of electric shock (arc welding processes). There is also a not inconsiderable risk of catching fire to combustible materials around the work area. Making sure the work area around where welding is taking place should be a key safety priority. Another risk that most welders are aware of Ultra Violet Radiation and it's ability to cause "Arc Eye". This is the extremely uncomfortable condition where the back of the eye is effectively Sun burnt. A less considered risk is the same Ultra Violet Radiation causing damage to exposed skin, essentially, the same as Sun burn, but much quicker. The risks associated with Sun burn are well documented, but it's easy to forget to cover skin when welding!
We hope the welding safety products we offer will help keep you safe and healthy!