Speedshield V Automatic Welding Helmet

Speedshield V Automatic Welding Helmet
Speedshield V Automatic Welding Helmet
Speedshield V Automatic Welding Helmet
Speedshield V Automatic Welding Helmet
Welding Helmet - Speedshield V

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Our Multi Award Winning own brand Variable Shade Electronic Welding Helmet just got even better!!!

The Upgraded Speedshield V now features:

> An even tougher Helmet Shell - offering even better protection for you and the electronic filter
> A Grinding Mode - Increasing the Helmets Versatility
> A 1.50 diopter Magnifier Lens - When fitted this brings small jobs closer and/or can replace reading glasses

For maximum safety, Speedshield V's electronic cartridge features a filter that protects your eyes from dangerous Ultra Violet Light Radiation EVEN WHEN THE CARTRIDGE IS IN THE LIGHT MODE!!!! This important safety feature eliminates the risk of arc eye! You only get one pair of eyes, look after them with Speedshield V premium protection!

As you would expect from The Welders Warehouse, what the upgrade hasn't changed is the Speedshield V's class leading Safety Features, Build Quality, Value and the backing of a 2 Year Warranty.

The Speedshield V Auto Welding Helmet will protect your eyes when Mig, Tig or Arc Welding!

Variable welding shade allows you to adjust how dark the welding helmet filter is when welding, the external control knob even allows adjustment whilst welding! The external control is also used to select "Grinding Mode".

Powered by both an internal lithium cell and solar panel. The lithium cell powers the welding helmet in low light areas, while the solar panel recharges the lithium cell during welding.

On the rear of the welding filter is adjustment for Sensitivity and Delay. Sensitivity adjustment allows you fine tune your Speedshield V to ambient light conditions, while Delay adjusts how quickly the unit lightens after welding. Delay adjustment is ideal where pulse welding is used.

Both the front and rear of the filter are protected by replaceable plastic lenses.

> Practical Classics Magazine (TWICE Best Buy!)
> Car Mechanics Magazine
> MG Enthusiast Magazine
> Classic Ford Magazine
> Mini Magazine
No other Welding Helmet has ever won so many Accolades!
Beware of low cost copies that can be found on other websites! Speedshield V is the ONLY "6 time" product test winning welding helmet and is EXCLUSIVE to The Welders Warehouse.

Mini Magazine gave Speedshield V 5 Stars and Commented:
"The fit is excellent and it's large enough to give a roomy feel without feeling heavy and bulky........." "We had no problems getting this mask to perform within minutes, straight out of the box........" "Consistant performance is something any welder can appreciate".
VERDICT: "Well made, great performance and adjustment ranges and overall excellent value"

Car Mechanics comment:
"This Helmet gets everything right, including that sub £70 price tag. The Lens covers shades 9-13 and the selector control is conveniently positioned on the outside. Adjustable delay and sensitivity controls remain inside the helmet. After playing with the sensitivity, we were able to get perfect low amperage TIG performance, despite being outside in bright daylight. Other points we liked were the thicker than average plastic used and the nicely sized 98 x 40mm viewing window."

Car Mechanics Score:
Performance 13/14
Is it worth the money 6/6
Overall Score 19/20

Product Details

> Viewing Area 96 x 40mm
> Light Shade 4EW
> Dark Shade 9-13EW (adjustable)
> Speed to Dark 0.0005 sec
> Speed to Light 0.1 - 0.5 sec (adjustable)
> Light Sensors = 2
> Warranty = 2 Years
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