Stealth Digi-Arc 160LT

Stealth Digi-Arc 160LT
Stealth Digi-Arc 160LT

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The Stealth Digi-Arc 160LT Arc Welding Inverter offers you a wide 10 - 160amps output from a 230v supply, giving you a LOT of versatility!

Solid Build Quality, Turbo Fan Cooling and a Digital Display for Amps that makes it easy for you to set output and/or see what output you have, at a glance! A hinge up/down cover protects the front Panel when you're not making adjustments.

The Stealth Digi-Arc 160LT Stick Welder is ideal for Light Fabrication, Repairs/Maintenance etc in Professional, Agricultural or Home Workshops.

Supplied complete with Arc Welding Leads, Carry Case and 5 year Manufacturers Machine Warranty.

Although the Stealth Digi-Arc 160LT will tolerate input voltage fluctuations of up to 10%, The Welders Warehouse does not recommend this unit be used off a generator except where the generator is fitted with a voltage regulation device.

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Arc/Stick Welder Information
Understanding Duty Cycle Figures
> Input = 230v +/- 10%
> Output = 10-160amps DC
> Duty Cycle = 40% @ 160amps + 60% @ 135amps + 100% @ 105amps (all at 40°C)
> Rod Dia = 1.6 - 4.0mm (E6013 or E7018)
> Overall Size = 290 x 135 x 220mm
> Weight = 4.5Kg
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