Tig Torch 20 Water Cooled Tig Welder Torch

Type 20 Ergonomic Water Cooled Tig Torch

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Tig Torch, Water Cooled. For use with High Frequency Tig machines.

> Ergonomic Handle maximises your comfort
> Ball joint cable fitment gives you greater flexibilty, ideal when you need to manipulate around the job
> 4M cable length maximises convenience
> Interchangeable Trigger systems available for remote current control etc (where Tig machine is compatible)

Rated at 250amps DC, 175amps AC (60% duty Cycle). Accepts 1.0 - 3.2mm Tungsten Electrodes.

Machine end fittings are 3/8"bsp and comprise; Power/Water In, Water out, Gas. Tig Adaptors available for converting to separate Power & Water In configuration, go back a level to see the options.

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