Welder Cart

Trolley for Welder

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Part No: EZ01
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Ideal for most Small Migs and Inverters.

Nominal Tray Dimensions are:
Top Tray is 272mm x 445mm (internal), although with no lip on the front edge a machine could overhang the front slightly!
Middle Tray is 272mm x 375mm (internal)
Base is 285mm x 700mm (external)

The Cart has the facility to mount a Larger Gas Cylinder (up to around 30Kg) at the rear. This makes it ideal for customers wishing to use a small Mig or Tig Welder with a larger cylinder.

Usefully, the Bottom Tray can be used for a second machine, a Plasma Cutter for example, while the middle tray is ideal for tools or spare parts.

Two hooks are provided, one each side, to hang your torch on.
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