Plasma Cutters

All our Plasma Cutters have been carefully chosen to offer you great performance to price ratio. All our Plasma Cutters are Fan Cooled, are manufactured to European standards, carry a UK Warranty and are backed by our Technical Support Team.

To help you make an informed selection we've placed our Plasma Cutters into two categories,Trade and Pro . Or if you prefer, you're welcome to call and speak to one of our Technical Advisors who will advise on the best Plasma Cutter for your specific job.

Price: 449.00
(374.17 ex VAT)

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Part No: EP04
Cros-Arc Plasma 40 Plasma Cutter
Up to 40 amps of Cutting Power
Exceptional Performance for Price ratio. 230v input. Clean Cuts up to 12mm Steel and Severs up to 16mm Steel.
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Price: 779.00
(649.17 ex VAT)

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Part No: EP03
Stealth Digi-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter
Up to 40 amps of Cutting Power
Exceptional Performance for Price ratio. 110v/230v input. Clean Cuts up to 15mm Steel and Severs up to 25mm Steel.
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Plasma Cutters

Plasma Cutters are an electronic device that uses an electric arc and compressed air to to cut metal. Because the Plasma Cutter uses an arc, it can cut almost any metal, including Aluminium.

Plasma Cutter Performance - A Plasma Cutters performance will depend on the material being cut, for example, a Plasma Cutter with a max clean cut of 10mm Steel will normally achieve a max cut of around 6mm Aluminium. Also, the thicker the material, the slower Plasma Cutters will perform.

Choosing a Plasma Cutter - Your choice of Plasma Cutter will depend firstly on whether or not you need a built in compressor and then secondly, what type of work you want the Plasma Cutter to do. Its always wise to consider Plasma Cutters that are capable of cutting at least 30% greater thickness than you would normally need a Plasma Cutter to cut. So if you generally cut a max of 6-8mm steel, with only an occasional short cut on anything thicker, Plasma Cutters with a max cut of 12mm are ideal. But if you want your Plasma Cutter to regularly cut 10mm steel, then you are better choosing from Plasma Cutters with a 15mm+ max cut as a 12mm Plasma Cutter will be working pretty much flat out and so will cut slowly and, potentially, overheat quickly. So be realistic about what you want your new Plasma Cutter to do, if you need any advice regarding your application and how a Plasma Cutter might help you, and/or which Plasma Cutter to choose, please do not hesitate to phone and ask to speak to our Technical Department.

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