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How Much Wire is on a Mig Spool

Friday, 26th February 2021
Graham (Tech Advisor)
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I regularly get asked “How Much Wire is on a Mig Spool”, so I figured it was time I posted some figures 😀


  • 0.7Kg (1.5lb) Mig Spool = 350M (1148ft)
  • 5Kg (11lb) Mig Spool = 2502M (8209ft)
  • 15Kg (33lb) Mig Spool = 7506 (24625ft)


  • 0.7Kg (1.5lb) Mig Spool = 194M (636ft)
  • 5Kg (11lb) Mig Spool = 1387M (4550ft)
  • 15Kg (33lb) Mig Spool = 4161 (13651ft)


  • 0.7Kg (1.5lb) Mig Spool = 125M (410ft)
  • 5Kg (11lb) Mig Spool = 894M (2933ft)
  • 15Kg (33lb) Mig Spool = 2682 (8799ft)


  • 0.7Kg (1.5lb) Mig Spool = 85M (279ft)
  • 5Kg (11lb) Mig Spool = 608M (1995ft)
  • 15Kg (33lb) Mig Spool = 1824 (5984ft)

All of the figures are based on weighing a sample length of Mild Steel Mig Wire to calculate how much wire is on a Mig Spool.

Figures for Stainless Steel Mig Wire will be similar.

Visit our Mig Welding Wire Page to view our range.

I hope you found this blog article about How Much Wire is on a Mig Spool useful.

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