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How Much Wire is on a Mig Spool

Friday, 26th February 2021
Graham (Tech Advisor)
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I regularly get asked “How Much Wire is on a Mig Spool”, so I figured it was time I posted some figures 😀


  • 0.7Kg (1.5lb) Mig Spool = 350M (1148ft)
  • 5Kg (11lb) Mig Spool = 2502M (8209ft)
  • 15Kg (33lb) Mig Spool = 7506 (24625ft)


  • 0.7Kg (1.5lb) Mig Spool = 194M (636ft)
  • 5Kg (11lb) Mig Spool = 1387M (4550ft)
  • 15Kg (33lb) Mig Spool = 4161 (13651ft)


  • 0.7Kg (1.5lb) Mig Spool = 125M (410ft)
  • 5Kg (11lb) Mig Spool = 894M (2933ft)
  • 15Kg (33lb) Mig Spool = 2682 (8799ft)


  • 0.7Kg (1.5lb) Mig Spool = 85M (279ft)
  • 5Kg (11lb) Mig Spool = 608M (1995ft)
  • 15Kg (33lb) Mig Spool = 1824 (5984ft)

All of the figures are based on weighing a sample length of Mild Steel Mig Wire to calculate how much wire is on a Mig Spool.

Figures for Stainless Steel Mig Wire will be similar.

Visit our Mig Welding Wire Page to view our range.

I hope you found this blog article about How Much Wire is on a Mig Spool useful.

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Thanks, took me whole day to find this info.
    Would SS 308L 1,2mm be fine for electric fence? Galv stranded corrodes very quickly.

    1. Graham says:

      Hi Benjamin
      I assume you mean using the 1.2mm wire as the electric fence, rather than welding the electric fence!
      Too be honest, I don’t know, I see no reason why not, other than it might be quite expensive! Also worth checking that SS does not have too much more resistance than the existing wire or you might find efficiency is reduced.
      Hope that helps, at least a bit 🙂
      Cheers Graham

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