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Lead Welding

Wednesday, 2nd November 2022

Lead Welding (also known as Lead Burning), is predominantly carried out in the Roofing Industry.

Graham (Tech Advisor)
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Lead Welding Equipment

Most of the equipment used for Lead Welding (Lead Burning), is the same as regular Gas Welding Equipment, but with a couple of crucial differences:

  • A Model O Torch is used as this produces the very small flame needed for Lead Welding
  • Low Pressure Regulators (especially the Oxygen Regulator), to cope with the very low Gas Pressures needed for the Model O Gun
Model O Lead Welding Gun
Model O Gun
Low Pressure Oxygen Regulator
Low Pressure Oxygen Regulator

Small Lead Welding Kit

Whilst larger, refillable cylinder kits are still the most popular set up for professional roofers, small, disposable cylinder kits are increasing in popularity. Small kits are great for those who only Lead Weld occasionally, or where small jobs are frequent. It can be frustrating having to get a larger, heavy kit out of the van when only a 30mm weld needs doing. Small kits can be great for nipping up a ladder for such jobs.

Portable Lead Welding Kit with Model O Gun
ProGas Lead Welding Kit

Gas for Lead Welding

Traditionally, Oxygen + Acetylene has been the gas combo of choice. However, Acetylene has become more difficult to get, and more expensive! Additionally, some commercial sites will not allow Acetylene on site as it’s considered too dangerous. This is especially prevalent in London as the London Fire Brigade HATE Acetylene!

Alternative Gases for Lead Welding

Oxygen + Propane is a viable option, provided the correct Model O Nozzle is used. The only real downside to Oxygen + Propane (at time of writing), is the lack of a Portapack size Cylinder Trolley available for small cylinders of Oxygen + Propane. This is because Propane Cylinders are shorter and greater in diameter than Oxygen, so they don’t go together on a trolley very well.

Oxygen + Polypropylene is a more viable option, provided the correct Model O Nozzle is used, as a standard Oxy/Acetylene Portapack Trolley will accommodate a 10 litre size Polypropylene cylinder.

Model O Nozzle for Oxygen + Propane or Polypropylene

Oxygen + Acetylene Nozzles do not work well with liquefied gases such as Propane and Polypropylene because liquefied gases have a much slower burn rate. This makes it difficult to light the Torch as it’s easy to blow the flame out when Oxygen is added.

Our ProJet Nozzles have been specially designed to overcome this problem and are easy to light, even in windy conditions, and provide a small, stable flame.

ProJet Nozzle for Lead Welding with Oxy/Polypropylene
ProJet Oxy/Propane or Polypropylene Flame

Lead Codes

Lead Thickness is shown as a “Code”. Common Codes are Code 4, Code 5, Code 6 etc.

Following is a Chart of the most common Lead Codes. Chart shows Nominal Lead Thickness and Nominal Weight of each Code.

Lead Codes


The correct Lead Welding (Lead Burning) equipment is essential for getting good results.

Whilst Oxygen + Acetylene are the traditional gasses used, Oxygen + Propane or Polypropylene are well worth considering.

I hope you found this blog article useful.

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If you would like to learn how to Lead Weld try contacting the Lead Sheet Academy or NCTS


  1. Hi I am after a good lead welding kit with gas cylinders not the little turbo kits though thanks Craig

    1. Graham says:

      Hi Craig
      We offer a range of Lead Welding Kits but are unable to supply the refillable type cylinders because they cannot be shipped by courier. There are a number of Gas suppliers in the market who offer Rented Cylinders, or Deposit only cylinders. Give me a call if you wish to discuss.
      Kits can be found here: Lead Welding Kits
      Cheers Graham

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