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Welded Scrap Metal Art

Wednesday, 18th March 2020
Graham (Tech Advisor)
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Hi Everyone

I recently attended an International Welding Expo in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Whilst wandering around I came across an impressive display of Welded Scrap Art.

OK, so most of us would have seen this sort of thing before, but it’s the first time I’ve seen more than one piece in one place.  All were made from scrap metal, and old car or motorcycle parts, so as well as being impressive to look at, it struck me a a great way to recycle!

I couldn’t get photos of every item because it was VERY busy with people taking selfies next to them, but I hope you enjoy the photos I did get.

To give you a sense of scale, the 4 figures were all around 7ft/2.2M tall and the car was full size.

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2 responses to “Welded Scrap Metal Art”

  1. Ashley thomason says:

    Hello thought the artical was great today i saw something very similar in north wales up at the great orme and i am wondering who made them and were can i get incontact with them as i am very interested in something like that on a smaller scale of course so if at all possible ypu know of any one who does them can you please help me in able to get in contact with them as these are awsome

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