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Category: Welding Techniques

Silver Soldering Stainless Steel

Tuesday, 17th January 2023

Silver Soldering Stainless Steel, whilst doable, is tricky! The biggest challenge with Silver Soldering Stainless Steel is the heat needed to melt the solder is close to the temperature at which the Chrome in the Stainless burns (Blueing). If you get blueing, you will not get Silver Solder to take to it and will have […]

10 Tips to Improve your Tig Welding

Tuesday, 18th February 2020

1 – Tig Torch Polarity If you’re welding in DC mode (Steel, Stainless etc), ensure your torch is plugged into the Negative (-) side of your machine’s output. Plugging the torch into the Positive (+) side will cause the Tungsten Electrode to burn away really quickly. 2 – Tig Torch Hold Make sure you’re in […]

Weld Distortion and Defects

Wednesday, 16th December 2020

Weld Distortion and defects are an annoying, but unavoidable part of welding. But they can be mitigated! Porosity Porosity is where Holes/Bubbles appear in the weld. This is created when gas becomes trapped in the weld pool as it solidifies. Causes include: Poor Welds Weld Distortion Weld Distortion is caused by two factors: The first […]