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Category: General Interest

Air Fed Welding Masks

Friday, 1st March 2019

February 2019 saw a “Safety Alert” from the Health & Safety Executive. The notice reports on new Scientific Evidence that links Welding Fume exposure to Lung Cancer. Click the “H&S Safety Alert” Text Link below to view, or Downloaded via the “Download” Button: Welding Fume Protection There is no single solution to Welding Fume Protection […]

No Rent Gas Cylinders

Wednesday, 27th February 2019

No Rent Gas Cylinders have become very popular in recent Years. For those who cannot justify the cost of Renting a cylinder, but find disposable cylinders expensive, no rent gas cylinders are perfect. Rented Gas Cylinders Renting the Gas Cylinder has always been the traditional way of accessing Industrial type Refillable cylinders. Gas fills are […]

Fuzz Townshend – Car SOS

Saturday, 10th March 2018

I first met Fuzz Townshend when he was a journalist at Practical Classics magazine and got involved in several projects with him including a Mig Welding project that saw Fuzz choosing one of our Mig Welders. Since then, a few years have passed and now Fuzz co-presents Car SOS on Channel 4, where our Mig […]

Mig Welding Gas

Tuesday, 20th February 2018

Mig Welding Gas is required because it’s essential to keep Oxygen from the weld pool. Shielding gas does this by replacing the Oxygen containing air that’s all around the weld pool. Categories of Mig Welding Gas Mig Welding Gas falls into two basic categories, “Inert” & “Active”. Inert means the gas has no effect on the […]

Welded Scrap Metal Art

Monday, 16th October 2017

Hi Everyone I recently attended an International Welding Expo in Dusseldorf, Germany. Whilst wandering around I came across an impressive display of Welded Scrap Art. OK, so most of us would have seen this sort of thing before, but it’s the first time I’ve seen more than one piece in one place.  All were made […]

Can I use Propane or Propylene instead of Acetylene

Thursday, 12th January 2017

I take a lot of calls regarding using Oxygen + Propane or Oxygen + Propylene instead of Acetylene + Oxygen. Well the short answer to the Title question is, “Yes” and “No”. Sorry its ambiguous, but it all depends what you want to do!  Let me explain! Fuel Gas Options Oxygen + Fuel Gas kits used […]