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Propane or Propylene vs Acetylene

Oxygen + Acetylene, Propane or Propylene?

Oxygen + Fuel Gas kits used to be simple, you had Oxygen + Acetylene! However, the waters are now muddied by a number of factors. Acetylene has become harder to obtain. Cylinder Rental for Oxygen and Acetylene Cylinders has shot up in price and Acetylene tends to ring alarm bells with Health & Safety aficionado's because of its combustibility and unstable nature!

Unfortunately, Acetylene is still the best all purpose gas, but there are viable alternatives, as long as you choose carefully and know what you want to be able to do.

Propane is probably the easiest Acetylene alternative to obtain and is supplied in cylinders that are deposit based, rather than rented. This potentially makes Propane cheaper, especially for occasional users of Oxygen + Fuel kits. The only real downside to Oxygen + Propane is that it cannot be used for Fusion Welding. Oxygen is, however, ideal for Brazing, Silver Soldering, Heating and Cutting, so provided you don't want to Weld, Oxygen + Propane is a great way to go! The Welders Warehouse offers a number of Oxygen + Propane Kits, visit "Gas Equipment" Page to see the range!

Propylene is a blend of gases. Oxygen + Propylene burns quite a bit hotter than Oxygen + Propane and can be used for non structural Fusion Welding, Brazing, Silver Solder, Heating & Cutting. However, the most common way of obtaining Propylene is via small throwaway canisters. Whilst great for Brazing, Silver Soldering and Light Heating, throwaway canisters are not really suitable for Heating large items or Cutting as they are unable to deliver the volume of gas needed. Industrial type refillable cylinders of Propylene are starting to come on to the market, but finding a supplier is not easy as the cylinders cannot be shipped by courier. The Welders Warehouse offers a number of throwaway canister type kits, some with a refillable Oxygen cylinder. Visit our "Gas Equipment" page to see the range!

If after all, Oxygen + Acetylene is still the way to go for you, The Welders Warehouse has a range of Oxygen + Acetylene Kits to choose from. Visit our "Gas Equipment" page to see the range!